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Families of Tchula suspects outraged over arrests after double amputee death

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TCHULA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The families of three men charged for beating to death a double amputee in Tchula over the summer are outraged. 

The suspects were originally charged with 2nd degree murder, but that was dismissed due to lack of evidence and a coroner’s report. On Wednesday, they were back in court on aggravated assault charges.

The families of Kajarius Anderson, Aavon Coffer and Kamechie Coffer said their loved ones are not guilty and they plan to fight the charges.  

Tchula Police Chief Kenneth Hampton said he will also fight, but to keep this case alive. Three young suspects were silent as they walked into court, but their mom's, sister's, aunt's and cousins who were there didn't hold back their frustration.

“They are young guys and have their face all over saying they did this and they are never going to get peace everywhere they go," said Moesha Coffer, Kamechie Coffer's sister. "They are saying they are murders and stuff and he don't have no evidence.”

“It just doesn't make sense to have these kids behind bars for something they didn't do,” said Kajarius Anderson's mom, Loretta Anderson.

Chief Hampton claims he does have evidence the suspects severely beat double amputee Clarence Blue back in May, which caused his death. But a coroner's report says blue died of natural causes, not over the attack.

“Due to a lot of shenanigans in the courtroom and a lot of interference from outside entities, the case was dismissed. But this time around we are going to be playing by a different set of drums” said Chief Hampton.

The suspects' bonds were set at $10k. After court, their families said this case is a waste of time, money and their patience with the chief.

“He wants a name for himself," said Anderson. "Yes, Texas Ranger from Texas, but this is Mississippi.”

“It's a personal matter he has against these boys," said Catrina Vennable, Aavon Coffer's aunt. But they got parents who love them too.“ 

Chief Hampton said his focus is getting justice for the Blue family and doing his job.

“The family can make all the accusations they want,” said the chief.

The preliminary hearing date has been set for November 16th.

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