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Making A Difference: Becca Blair

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

They come in all ages. This one happens to be nine-years-old. And she’s done something all out of proportion to her age. She has started a recycling program in her neighborhood and it has not only caught on, but is spreading to other areas.

Becca Blair is making her usual Monday rounds through the Saddle Wood neighborhood near the Reservoir, picking up full bags of recyclables and leaving empty bags to be picked up next week. Keep the Reservoir Beautiful gladly supplies the bags. All of this started because of a chance statistic Becca picked up on one day.

"I read about landfills and I saw that 70% of what we throw away can be recycled," said Becca.

Becca’s mom agreed to give it a try and there were instant results, a noticeable decrease in the amount of garbage having to be picked up by the trash collectors every week.

"We went from a bag every day to a bag every four days," added Becca.

Being an industrious youngster, Becca made up a flier telling neighbors that if they wanted to recycle, she would come around and pick up every week and keep them supplied with fresh bags.

So now she’s up to about 30 or so neighbors on her recycle bandwagon; so many that she graduated from collecting on a four-wheeler to her grandmother helping out with her pickup truck.

They take their collection to the recycling bin at the Reservoir Fire Station. And by the way, this bin is open to the public, not just Becca and her grandmother.

What Becca is doing is infectious. The Grandmother who was drafted to supply the pick-up power, Kathy Joslyn, has caught it.

"I definitely have been enthused by her," said Kathy Joslyn. "She has a passion for recycling. And she, through her neighborhood efforts, has caused me to put in OUR neighborhood a plea for people to recycle.

And the director of Keep the Rez Beautiful, Jeaneen May, is overwhelmed by Becca.

"For our youth to be involved like she is is amazing," said Jeaneen May. "You know, I just want everybody to know how special she is to Keep the Reservoir Beautiful.

Shrinking the landfills and getting a neighborhood to recycle, started by a youngster taking to heart one statistic she read; and in the process is Making A Difference.  

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