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Hope springs eternal at Wells Church's Edible Forest

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Here's something a little different from everyday news. 

We were drawn to a report of vandalism in an inner city neighborhood, but found so much more.

Wells' Church has been long known for it's diversity and harmony in the inner city and they have now created a unique Urban Forest Orchard.  

"Lots of people with low income, people with disabilities, people on drugs people who just need help and they come to the church," said Wells' Church gardener, Loy Moncrief. "All the time we give food away on Tuesday for them."

An abandoned house that once stood on the lot has now been transformed into The Jessie Gates Edible Forest -  an outdoor sanctuary that not only feeds the soul, but helps sustain the body. 

Moncreif has been Wells Church's gardener for 18 years and he calls the Forest, a sanctuary.

"We just kind of spread the word that we are planting stuff here and we want you to have it as you need it and a lot of them have come by here and said I don't know what I would have done had you not had this food here this winter," said Moncrief. "It just made it all worth while."

There are no gates here, there never will be.

"It's open. and open. when we first started planting the garden neighbors came by and said where's your fence and we said  we are not going to have a fence. They said you will not have anything and I said said it's not for us, it's for you guys."

At the center, stands an Angel of Light.

"We found people sleeping around the base of the statute," explained Moncrief. "They decorated things and put things on her and I think they have really adopted the garden as their own."

That spirit of charity has now dampened after the Angel was toppled over and shattered beyond repair.

"You move on and do the best you can and try to accept what happens and pray for the ones who did that," said Moncrief. 

Believing that the congregation has a "ministry of presence", hope springs eternal for this Urban Forest and Garden that there will be another Guardian Angel to grace it. 

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