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Walt's Look Around: Merrehope Alan Brown

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MERIDIAN, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Alan Brown has published 34 ghost story books, many of them about Mississippi haunts. I met up with him at Merrehope in Meridian.

The historic marker out in front of Merrehope has information about the history of the old mansion, but says nothing about it’s most fabled occupants, the ghosts.

Brown fills us in.

Alright, there are two ghosts here," said Brown. "One is Eugenia. She didn’t live here. She died of tuberculosis in Livingston. There is a painting of her up in the museum room. And a lot of people think she has attached herself to that painting. She has been sighted in that room. She is a benign ghost. The other ghost is an angry ghost. This was a boarding house in the 1940s. There was a disgruntled retired teacher who threw a poker party and after the party, he picked up all the whiskey bottles, put them on the fireplace mantle, took out a gun and shot every bottle. Then he put the gun to his temple and shot himself. He is not a nice ghost. There was a young man who was standing at the foot of those stairs listening to a hostess talk about the history of the place and all of a sudden he sucked in his breath. And when he was finally was able to talk he said that somebody had punched him in the stomach. And we think that was probably the retired teacher."

Such is the essence of ghost stories. Unexplained experiences, noises, sightings, all for a lack of a plausible explanation, attributed to shadows of the dead. And if it just happened once or maybe twice you could dismiss it. But at Merrehope, these kinds of things happen, not daily by any means, but frequently enough.

Like the tourists who came in one day, that Merrehope docent Faye Johnson knows of, who saw what he assumed was a tour guide in an old fashioned dress who ran off and left him. When he inquired about her he was told,

"We don’t dress in period dress, so that would have to be our resident kind spirit, Eugenia," said Johnson.

While I was visiting with Alan and Faye at Merrehope, an upstairs door opened by itself. Doorknob turning and all. Now, the wind could have blown the door open, but turned the knob? Well, after all, it is that time of year when such things happen. Hopefully, not at YOUR house, though.

Oddly enough, Alan Brown, the man who has published 34 books of ghost stories says he's not thoroughly convinced that ghosts exist. But he says the more he talks with people who’ve had experiences, the closer he is coming to believing.

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