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JSU shares information about cash reserve expenditures

Jackson State University is releasing new information on how money was spent from its cash reserve.  The media release also includes a statement from outgoing JSU President Dr. Carolyn Meyers.

Here is the full release sent to our newsroom.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  October 26, 2016

       Jackson State University shares information about cash reserve expenditures

(JACKSON, Miss.) – Jackson State University has experienced significant enrollment growth over the past few years.  In order to provide our students with the best living and learning environments, JSU has made some strategic investments in scholarships, housing, technology infrastructure and additional campus sites. 

JSU has significantly increased its scholarship budget, which includes academic scholarships, and out-of-state fee waivers.  The demand for on-campus housing has significantly increased, which required the acquisition and leasing of additional properties to house students.  In partnership with the Mississippi e-Center Foundation, iPads are provided to first time full-time freshman.  This learning environment requires a robust technology infrastructure for teaching and learning.  These improvements include expanded wireless and technology access campus wide to allow students, faculty, and staff to function competitively and expand their global reach.   JSU has expanded its campus sites that includes the downtown campus and the Madison campus, which increases access to higher learning to a broader population.

“Typically all public institutions of higher learning in Mississippi and across the nation use cash reserves to cover expenditures for strategic campus improvements.  JSU is no exception,” said Carolyn W. Meyers, president of Jackson State University.

Jackson State University remains financially solid, despite increased costs which resulted in the absorption of a significant portion of its cash reserves.  Efforts continue in the rebuilding of JSU’s cash reserve, with a projected $10 million in reserves by the end of the current fiscal year.

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