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Halloween goes digital with new apps hitting the market

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Like many other things nowadays, it seems Halloween is going digital. 

There are several apps and websites associated with the holiday. One of those is called the Offender Locator, which lets you search for registered sex offenders by location, so you can see if there are any near you or where you plan to go so you can plan your trick-or-treating accordingly.

But that's just one of several ways Halloween has gone cyber.

Darri Mansel says her kids are too old to go door-to-door asking for candy now, but when they were young she never would have thought about using something like the Offender Locator. The thought was even further away when she was a child.

"When I was a little girl, we'd go trick-or-treating all over the neighborhood and we thought we were all by ourselves, and I realized years later that my dad had been following us around," she said.

Halloween these days seems like it's become Trick-or-Treating of the Future, with parents turning to the web to map out every detail of the holiday.

Another app called "Next Door" lets neighbors communicate online. Each Halloween, the app features a "Treat Map" where people can say what candy they're giving out, so you can plan accordingly.

"You can really think about it as the online equivalent of turning on your front porch light to indicate that you're open for business on Halloween night," said Kelsey Grady, the Head of Communications for Next Door.

There are already 240 neighborhoods in Jackson and 115-thousand nationwide that have signed up with Next Door.

On top of the cyber side of things, police will be keeping you safe the old-fashioned way, patrolling neighborhoods and making sure people drive slowly around children.

"We'll be doing a 100% compliance check on all our sex offenders living in the county. We have 142 sex offenders that live here in Rankin County. We'll go by and make sure they're all living where they're supposed to be," said Rankin County Sheriff Brian Bailey.

If you aren't a fan of the Offender Locator App, you can also look at Mississippi's sex offender registry online to know which houses to avoid this Halloween. And if you're wondering what spooky events are going on in your area, the Internet's got you covered for that, too.

You can look at your City's website to find a list of the haunted areas of town.

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