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Walt's Look Around: The Bell Witch Grave

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Well, it’s the END of one of the most famous ghost encounters in America. The episode happened in Tennessee and is well known. However, not many people know that the person most involved in the story is buried in Mississippi.

At first glance this looks to be just another old, mostly neglected cemetery on a ridge top, way out in the country. There’s some newer head stones way up front. Even some relatively fresh flowers. So evidently SOME people are buried here that folks alive today still remember.

Back here in the older section of the cemetery are graves from the late 1800’s. A lot of the head stones have been vandalized. Some of the single slates broken in two, obelisks toppled from their bases.

In the midst of these older stones is an obviously newer stone. But it is for an old grave. For a lady who lived to be 82 years old; born in Robertson County, Tennessee in 1806.

Now, thanks to some kind folks from the historical societies in that part of the state, I know that Elizabeth Powell’s maiden name was Bell. There are a bunch of Bells buried around her. And I also know that people didn’t call her Elizabeth, but Betsy. Betsy Bell. The name may RING a bell if you know anything about early unexplained events in Tennessee.

This Betsy Bell was a central figure in the infamous Bell Witch hauntings that took place in Adams, Tennessee from about 1817 until 1821. The Bell family was supposed to have been subjected to the supernatural tormenting of Kate Batts in the forms of knockings on the walls, voices, and even physical torture as with the case of Betsy, who was often punched and scratched and had her hair pulled.

Betsy married her former school teacher, Richard Powell, and moved to what was then Panola County, Mississippi, later in life when he died, to live with other members of the Bell family who had moved here. And when she died in 1888, she was buried in the family plot on this forgotten hillside.

Well, almost forgotten. Many, many years ago, someone stole her original headstone and took it home as a souvenir. It was replaced with by this one. With the sentiment carved on the bottom, hoping all of Betsy’s afflictions are over.

The Bell Witch episode is well documented. Look it up on line sometime. And Betsy is finally at rest on a lonely hillside in Mississippi.

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