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Drought impacts spread throughout the state

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

No rain in sight and no significant rain for months equals major drought complications.

Pam Pybus owns Inspect It Like a Girl and gets calls a lot lately to go out and inspect these kinds of cracks around homes.

"The garage slab is dinner in the slab that's underneath the home and lots done purposely," said Pybus. "So we will see cracks. And you'll notice down here how this wall down here has shifted. Actually, that looks horrible but it's not."

Her best advice, don't panic. And don't try to patch exterior cracks before the drought ends. When it rains more, there's a good chance it will settle back in place.

"Once the ground starts swelling again, that's going to close back in," she explained as she pointed out an exterior crack on a brick home. "So this is very typical of what we see. If you go inside and if you have cracks on your interior and your Sheetrock is cracked and close to where you see the exterior cracked, then you've got a problem. You want to call somebody: a foundation specialist, an engineer, a home inspector and let them come out and take a look at it."

Whether you own a house or not, the cracking and shifting of the dried up ground can impact you. Just this week--the Natchez trace parkway started warning drivers about the drought induced problems along the parkway.
And burn bans continue through most of the state.

"It's going to take a lot of rain to pull us out of our current drought situation," noted Russell Bozemann, Assistant State Forester.

69 out of the state's 82 counties are under a burn ban. Please be aware of that and don't even think about burning anything, even if it's a small fire.

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