Hot, dry conditions continue - - Jackson, MS

Hot, dry conditions continue

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Unseasonably hot, dry and dangerous; and Mississippi already has a wildfire-related death. A private landowner in Montgomery County died after starting an agricultural field burn.

Here in Jackson, investigators are worried as well after a home was deliberately set on fire.

A house on Belvedere Drive went up in flames Monday morning.  We have learned it was the work of an arsonist.  

Investigators found a small fire had been set in the house Sunday. A wood pile was stacked nearby and the woods next door. Jackson firemen brought on extra manpower to make sure the fire didn't spread out of control.

"If there was a grass fire that started, we do have units that would be able to extinguish that," said Jackson District Chief Cleotha Sander.  And at this time, firefighters, they did a great job. They did keep the fire contained to the house where the fire originated at.">

A look at the reservoir shows the depth of Mississippi's drought. The water continues to fall with no rain in the immediate forecast.

"A wooded area in Rankin County is filled with dried out vegetation. A few embers could ignite a major wildfire.

"It would only take a spark to cause these fires to move and the dryness, if you see this pine straw and grass here, you see how dry it is. These are fine fuels. it would only take a spark for these fuels to burn and burn fast," said Bill Kitchings with the Mississippi Forestry Commission. "It is extremely dangerous. Since September the first, we have responded to 735 wildfires that has burned nearly 6500 acres."

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