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CONSIDER THIS: A Mississippi Banner

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Mississippi was the 20th state to join the Union in 1817. Next year, 2017, the state celebrates its 200th anniversary. At its annual Hob Nob event, the Mississippi Economic Council revealed a banner that brings attention to Mississippi’s bicentennial milestone.

The MEC was quick to say this is a banner, not a flag, but the design certainly gives us an idea of a possible design for a new state flag.

As we know, our current flag is divisive and offensive to hundreds of thousands of Mississippians. The bicentennial banner is a great example how a new flag could become a positive image for the state.  

Consider This:

The Mississippi Economic Council is on the front lines of business recruitment and they know first-hand the flag is an unnecessary hurdle and distraction to economic development efforts. The business community understands the importance of improving our image.

Hopefully the state legislature will follow suit next year and put the current flag where it belongs, in a museum. The new bicentennial banner is another step in the right direction. 

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