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Making A Difference: Sarah Hall

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INDIANOLA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Sarah Hall grew up in Sunflower County, and came back home after spending a couple of decades in Chicago. She’s on the radio in Indianola, and evidently is in a lot of people’s hearts, too.

It’s a voice lots of people across the mid-Delta are familiar with because of her radio program on WNAL in Indianola. When you have a message and want to reach the most people with it, there’s nothing like putting a few kilowatts behind it to spread the word.

Ms Hall started doing what she does almost by accident, as a temporary fill in for Elder Shields who had been a long time radio preacher there.

"And Reverend Elder Shields asked me, ‘Would you take on my program?’ He went to California, and he got back, he stayed about three weeks, and he got sick. And his wife called me and said, ‘You’ve got to do it again this week, Sarah,’ said Hall.

Long story short, Elder Shields never recovered and Sarah has been filling in since then, so to speak. Only that was 27 years ago. And somewhere along the way, the show became hers. She varies lots in the details in her teaching, but her overall message centers around just one primary thought.

"Let us love, let us bring unity to our community," said Sarah. "Let us all work together to support each other, because with the strength of each other we can do greater things."

You don’t have to go too far to find someone who has been influenced by Sarah Hall’s radio show. Matter of fact, just step into the next room at the Radio station where announcer Debra Lee works. She has been a fan of Ms Hall for years.

"What she does for the community, she do not get the justice for, the credit for what she does," said Lee. "But she is a great inspiration.

Here’s an example. Debora is a poet, a gift that probably remains private in most people who can express themselves in verse. But Sarah won’t let Debra keep her words to herself. She is always encouraging her:

"Reach for your goals. It’s not going to just bounce in your lap, Debra," she said.

"There’s no limit to what God can do if you just trust and believe in him," said Sarah. "And just be real."

Now, most of us, especially here in the South, were brought up to believe that. But when you have someone coming into your house or your car radio on a regular basis reminding you, it will Make A Difference.

Sarah Hall’s program comes on from 9 until 9:30 every Sunday morning on WNAL, 1380 AM in Indianola.

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