Wednesday's Child- Mark and Austin - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child- Mark and Austin

Two brothers are hoping to end six years in foster care with an adoptive family on this week’s Wednesday’s Child. 14 year old Mark and 11 year old Austin say the best part of having a permanent home is not worrying about moving over and over again.

This is the first time Mark and his younger brother Austin have been to the Planetarium in Jackson.  Both say learning new things is fun.

Mark said, “I like to draw and I like being around people.”  Reporter: What do you like to draw? Mark said, “every..anything.”

Austin told us, “I like riding four wheelers and playing sports.”

Mark is friendly and easy going. He enjoys listening to music and being outdoors.

Mark said, “playing basketball, games.” Reporter: Do you have a favorite basketball team? Mark said, “yes mam, Cavaliers.”

Austin is also friendly but he’s a bit shy.  He enjoys sports and singing in the church choir.

Austin explained, “basketball, football, a little bit of baseball, playing games and I like to learn.”

They both like school.

Mark told us, “My favorite subject is math.”

Austin said, “social studies.”

Mark and Austin say they are tired of being in foster care and moving from place to place. They have been in foster care for six years and are now ready for a forever family.

Mark explained, “having the thought that I might get separated from my brother.”

Austin added, “I just don’t want to move home to home. I’d be glad to get adopted. I just don’t want to move home to home.”

The most important thing they both want is to grow up together.  Mark and Austin say they will not be separated.

For more information on children waiting for permanent homes, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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