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CONSIDER THIS: Privatize parking meters

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

The city of Jackson is considering moving its parking meter service to a private company. As WLBT reported in a special investigation, many parking spaces in Jackson do not have meters and many of the meters that are in place don’t work.

The city, already in a budget crunch, is losing thousands and thousands of dollars because of this inefficient, neglected system.

Contracting the parking meter responsibilities will mean new, more modern meters across the city. It will also mean improved convenience with payment options like credit cards and smart phones. In fact, it will improve the perception of the city as more progressive having new, state of the art meters, instead of rusting, broken meters scattered throughout downtown.

Consider This:

The city needs to come up with creative ways to generate more revenue. Privatizing the parking meter service is one way to help make that happen. City council needs to move forward and implement this plan as soon as possible.

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