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Making A Difference: Flags on veteran's graves

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HAZLEHURST, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A chance meeting with a volunteer at City Hall in Hazlehurst led to a story about flags on the graves of veterans in the city’s cemetery.

He said he was a Vietnam Veteran and when I asked him to tell me more about the flags in the city cemetery he told me that he and a few other people researched the names of the folks buried here to ascertain who was a veteran.

Then they bought out of their own pockets small American flags and then spent several days patiently going from headstone to headstone scouring for the names of the people they had on their list of veterans and then placing a flag on that headstone or the grave.

I asked him if he had a minute, to come to the cemetery and go on camera with me and explain what they did. He quickly told me they wanted no credit for themselves for putting out the flags. They did it for the city and for the families and the veterans themselves. Then, he was gone.

So after I finished my meeting with the mayor about another story that we will get to soon, I wandered on down to the Hazlehurst Cemetery to see if any of the flags were still flying. And they were.

Mostly they were just scattered about, here and there in no particular section or in no particular order. There were a few clumped together about. Family members.

My anonymous friend back at city hall told me there was one family buried here where the father and several of the sons all served in the Second World War. I never found them. It’s a big cemetery.

It IS a big cemetery. And I realized it was no small task for them to do all that research. Somewhere along the line I might have been tempted to put up just one big flag at the entrance as representative of all of the veterans buried there and let it go at that. Or, maybe do nothing at all.

So it’s honorable that they went on and did the intricate work they did. In all practicality, not so much for the veterans, although I’m sure they would appreciate it if they were in a position to know about it. But for the families still left who are reminded that others are grateful for the service of their loved ones. And for the town, to know there are those who did what they did and then came back many of them, and lived here and are gone on, so we can go on from here.

And for the ones who marked the graves it Makes A Difference for us who see the flags.

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