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Wildfire concerns continue as a cold deer season opener approaches

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Conditions are prime for wildfires and burn bans are still in effect for most of the state. Hunters will make it a busy weekend in the woods with the opening of deer season.

John Mark Cockrell started getting ready Friday for opening weekend of deer season, but one thing will be different.

"I think I'm in 15 years I've been there, we've always had a campfire," Cockrell noted. "In fact, the wood's already cut. The wood is cut and stacked and we're ready to go but of course no burning."

Like several others, it's a time to unplug and catch up with friends.

"We've been run off by flood before late in the season,” he said. “So, we've been flooded out but we've never been non-rain dried out. Fire banned out, ever, as far as I can remember."

The other factor that could complicate things is that it's going to be windy and cold this weekend. Even for hunters who are going to obey the ban, they're hoping others don't think they can be the exception.

"We have a lot of land leased in Clay County and it's all hunting land up there where we lease,” explained Chris Jenkins. “It's kind of scary. Not really worried about what we're going to do but what our neighbors might do because it could burn everybody's up."

Windy conditions will complicate the fire dangers. So, even the smallest spark could quickly become a big wildfire.

"We have three for camps around us, so if they have a campfire and their campfire gets out it's going to burn all of our woods down too,” said Lee Douglas. “So, that could be big."

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