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Shopping local can support your community

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Mississippi Main Street Team describes Small Business Saturday as a special holiday for communities to show love to small businesses and shop local.

"During the winter months, we are producing six to eight hours a day," said Deep South Pops owner Jake Franklin.

Small businesses open and operating throughout the metro area and Franklin said the community can't operate without the locals.

"It's a vital piece to Jackson and every city really," said Franklin. "I think it brings an eclectic mix of interesting things. The people that live in these communities are interesting people with interesting products and ideas."

"You're not only supporting that business you are supporting jobs, you are supporting future growth," said Kristen Ley. "So, it's kind of a full circle thing."

Chic and elegant displays inside one of the oldest buildings in downtown Jackson showcase Ley's artwork. From her garage to her colorful store front, you can shop local at Thimblepress.

"When you spend with a local company you are giving money back to your own community. Every dollar you spend creates three dollars within your community. Most likely the small businesses you use are using local accountants, local lawyers, they are shopping locally for supplies," explained Ley. "So, I've always been a big proponent for in shopping small and shopping locally."

Small Business Saturday launched in 2010 as a way to boost spending at locally owned shops.

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