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CONSIDER THIS: More Transparency

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You pay taxes and then elected officials and organizations decide how to spend that money. You work hard to earn that money and fund the services that government provides, so you, as the bank for the government, deserve to make sure your representatives are spending that money appropriately. 

Unfortunately, many people in those elected positions think you don’t need to know how they spend your money. In fact, one state legislative committee recently tried to keep a controversial educational contract secret, then made the extreme decision that all contracts are confidential. Seriously?

Fortunately, after a warning from Attorney General Jim Hood, that decision has been reversed and the information is now public. 

Consider This:

It is unfortunate that any elected person or group wants to hide information. It’s your right to know what they are doing and how they are spending your money. At WLBT we will continue to hold your representatives accountable and ask for transparency when it comes to how they handle your money and make decisions.

You need to remind them that you expect the same thing. 

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