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Consider This: Council-Manager Government

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There is a movement underway in Jackson to gather support for a new structure in city leadership. Currently, the city is set up with a strong mayor, weak council model. Another option is a Council-Manager model where a qualified city manager serve as the chief administrator and the mayor no longer serves fills that role.  There are many, many cities across the country that operate successfully with this type of structure. 

The current system means the chief administrator, the mayor, could be charismatic and popular but have zero experience or skills in managing an operation as complicated as city government. In addition, that chief administrator could change every election – usually every four years, sometimes more frequently – which means a steep learning curve for the new leadership team and no consistency in advancing critical projects. That’s not the best formula for success. 

Consider This:

Based on the challenges facing Jackson the city should seriously consider moving to a council-manager form of government. Having a chief administrator who is experienced in dealing with the myriad issues in Jackson could not only get the city back on the right track but keep it there for years to come. 

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