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There is a lot of discussion taking place about fake news. In today’s world, information can be distributed across the internet and through social media where many readers assume it is real.

Much of that information is shared as fact even though the person sharing that information has no idea if the source is reputable and has done no fact checking to determine if the story is legitimate.

WLBT invests significantly in our operation. In fact, we have more than 80 people who work on our news team and every day they make sure that our reports – on TV and our digital platforms – are accurate and truthful.

Consider This:

In journalism, there is a commitment that before reporting and distributing information the information is verified. With bloggers and other groups pushing content online, much of that information has not been vetted and run through the same filter for accuracy. In fact, there are people and groups who intentionally distribute inaccurate information. Before you share or send that article or video make sure it’s authentic and help stop the spread of fake news. 

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