CONSIDER THIS: Gun Violence - - Jackson, MS


Jackson is once again dealing with gun violence and once again Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance gets straight to the point.

“We do have a very good record of solving these shootings, but that is secondary," said Vance. "Preservation of life, peace in the neighborhoods, come when these individuals decide not to use guns in the first place.”

This is a very complicated problem and will take a lot of work to make things better.

Consider This:

When someone has no respect for human life and the way to address any issue is shooting the other person, that is not something that can be fixed overnight.

“The value of life has been diminished," added Vance. "People are way too anxious to pull a gun and shoot somebody else without any regard for what might happen.”

This is going to continue until the people who live in this area say enough is enough. And don’t think if you live in the suburbs that you can shrug it off and say not my problem.

It may be concentrated in the inner-city today but it is an issue for the entire area and over time it will spread. Until the community comes together to say this must stop, expect more shootings, more murders and a community living in fear. Someone, some group, needs to step up and lead that charge. 

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