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iPhone 6 Plus "Touch Disease"

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Apple's iPhone has been getting a pass, maybe even a boost, what with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blowing up and all. Tech experts say the problem with that iPhone that may be in your hands is a chip that spreads "the Touch Disease." 

The display just, flickers, and now a former Apple insider is Blowing the whistle, on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Sharon Masterson's iPhone 6 Plus is driving her crazy. Two years after she bought it, the screen stopped responding.

Out of warranty, and without Apple Care, she says Apple told her it can replace her display screen, but it'll cost ya. "About $300."

A former Apple Genius technician, who asked not to be identified, claims the iPhone6 Plus has a defect that the trade blog Motherboard calls, the "TOUCH DISEASE."

Our Apple insider says on the iPhone 6 Plus, the solder holding the chips to the logic board, is breaking loose. 

Thomas Bledsoe, owner and chief technician of iRepear in Bartlett, Tennessee, says his shop's been getting 3 to 4 complaints a DAY, about the iPhone 6 Plus "touch disease." Bledsoe said he thinks the iPhone 6 Plus should be recalled under certain criteria if it's functioning like that, not having the touch functionality. 

Our whistle-blower says Apple will not recall the iPhone 6 Plus. She says Apple's standing order is if the customer's phone is not under warranty or Apple Care, just replace the display.

Masterson ended up having to upgrade to the iPhone 7, at a cost of more than $800 since she no longer had the warranty to "cure" the "touch disease" of the iPhone 6 Plus.

So to "cure" the touch disease, Bledsoe at iRepear recommends check your warranty. If your iPhone 6 Plus is still under Apple's 1-year limited warranty, you may be entitled to a replacement.

Check your Apple care. That's Apple's extended warranty plan. If you have it, that may replace your malfunctioning iPhone.

Also check with your carrier; your carrier may offer a replacement option for the iPhone 6 Plus "touch disease." 

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