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CONSIDER THIS: Consider This Opportunity

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Each week we air commentaries on topics impacting our state or region. As part of our commitment to be engaged with the communities we serve, we offer this platform for you to share your rebuttal or perspective through guest editorials.

As we enter 2017 our state legislature begins a session, a new President takes office and those are just two events of many that will spark a variety of perspectives.

Consider This:

If you have an opinion on an issue impacting the area, and you want to share that opinion as a guest editorial, please send your comments for consideration to our editorial committee at

This segment is meant to offer perspective, create dialogue and respectful, constructive debate. In 2017 we encourage you to share your opinion on the myriad of topics that will be up for debate. As we know, having the freedom to share our perspectives is one of the many things that makes our country so wonderful.  

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