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Making a Difference: Time 4 Toys

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FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Christmas is behind us but a toy store you may need to know about is Making A Difference.

The store is called Time 4 Toys and it is located in Flowood near Dogwood Mall. They have toys any kid would enjoy. But the purpose of the store is to bring a specialty category of toy to our area.

Its not a large store but it could Make A Big Difference to a growing segment of the population.

"Well, we were coming up with a name, we were thinking about the goal of getting kids off of iPads and iPhones and so we came up with the name Time4Toys," said Bethany Mathis.

Bethany is usually found at the store. Bethany says what she and husband Craig wanted to do when they conceived the idea of Time4Toys was create an alternative toy store and a resource for some parents who need some help.

"Well, we had three goals in mind when we opened the store. One is we wanted to sell unique toys. Specialty toys you couldn’t find at the big box stores," added Bethany. "And we also wanted to sell educational toys and toys that encouraged higher level thinking skills. Our main goal in opening the store was we wanted to sell items for kids with sensory processing needs; autism, ADHD, that sort of thing."

Is there much of that out there? Well, in 1947 the very first patient in the nation was diagnosed with autism. Just one case that year. None before.

Incidentally, that patient was in Forest, Mississippi.  He still lives there. Compare that to today where government statistics say one in 64 children in the nation now have some form of autism or sensory processing issues.

So, much of what Craig and Bethany wanted to do was to bring to the public toys and other items to stimulate and help focus those little minds.

"There’s a lot of great products online that you can buy for kids to help them to calm down and be able to increase their focus," said Bethany. "But we wanted to provide a store where kids can come in, parents can come in and look at things and try them out with their kids to see if they’re going to like it before they invest their finances in these items."

I’ve been talking to Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann about the treatment of autism in Mississippi, but that will be another story for another day. But he tells me there is a lot of promise there especially if treated at a young age.

If that’s the case, Time4Toys could Make A Great Difference as well as providing a lot of fun at the same time.

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