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Mississippians weigh in on their legislative "wish list" for 2017

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Lawmakers will gavel in for the 2017 legislative session Tuesday.

We previewed some of the expected bills last week and Monday, we asked people what they wanted lawmakers to get done.

"The most important thing that I see is fully funding the public school system," said John Johnston. "They've consistently underfunded the school system and really leave them in a position where they're crippled to do anything in a positive way."

"I would love to see them working on more funding for education," noted Synthia Johnson. "More for the Headstart, early starts, for the public schools. I would really love to see them work on that."

The non-profit that was hired to evaluate the funding formula hasn't completed the recommendation that lawmakers had hoped to have before the session started.

Meanwhile, the bumpy rides around the Capital City and beyond are enough to stick out in people's minds.

"All the roads need fixing," explained Jerry Claiborne. "You got potholes everywhere all over Jackson. It's not only Jackson, it's everywhere. I think it needs to be fixed. Everybody's paying their tax dollars. I really think that it needs to be fixed."

"A lot of streets around here need more help than others but I see they've been making improvements on others," added Cleo Givens.

Some want to see lawmakers think outside the box when it comes to recreational options.

"Something to do," requested Daniel Russell. "Just something to do for people like a ranch where people can go and ride horses maybe ride boats and stuff like that. That's just an idea. We got have vision."

The legislative session starts Tuesday at noon.

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