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CONSIDER THIS: Mississippi and Jackson Working Together

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The state legislature is now in session and many bills have already been filed. One proposal from last year that fell apart at the last minute focused on Mississippi providing more resources to Jackson to help offset expenses the city incurs as the capital of the state. Just like many good ideas, politics got in the way and the plan never materialized.

With a new session comes new opportunity and the state and city need to work together to revive this plan and come up with a compromise. The city infrastructure continues to deteriorate and unless new, innovative ideas are implemented, things will get worse.

Consider This:

There are varied opinions on the right solution, but one thing is certain, the current model isn’t working and maintaining the status quo is unacceptable. As tough as it might be for some to let go, that might mean turning oversight, control, and decisions over to another group. The needs of the city are significant. Embracing creative, unique solutions takes real leadership. Hopefully, that is what we will see from state and city leaders this session. 

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