Vaccination controversy returns to the State Capitol - - Jackson, MS

Vaccination controversy returns to the State Capitol

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The debate over vaccinations is back at the State Capitol this year and it comes at the same time as president-elect Trump met with pro-vaccine choice advocate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. this week.

Mississippi lawmakers will be considering a bill that would allow for philosophical exemptions. 

"If you are sick and tired of the state of Mississippi trying to be your children's parents, will you please say amen?" said Mary Jo Perry, Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights co-director.

These parents take issue with the label "anti-vaccine". In fact, most vaccinated their children, but on their own schedule.

A Hattiesburg doctor was among their rally group Wednesday.

"I'm one of them," said Dr. Scott Guidry. "My son was vaccine injured and I am for vaccines. How about that? Throw a wrench into it. But I'm for safe vaccines. I'm for a safe vaccine schedule."

The parents argue that where there is a risk, there must be a choice.

"Ultimately we just want the parent to be able to stand between big corporate agendas and interests and our vulnerable infants and children," noted Perry. "And in Mississippi, parents can't do that."

Galloway United Methodist Daycare Center is a stone's throw from the Capitol, but director Sharon Patterson has a much different perspective.

"Children need immunizations," explained Patterson. "They're going to touch surfaces that other children touch and because children touch each other, I can guarantee you that Galloway, as a children's center, will continue on a policy of 100% compliance. I think that's the only way that we can keep our children safe."

Patterson says a choice by a parent not to vaccinate can impact everyone they come into contact with.

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