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Mississippi Strong: Dr. Walter Washington's brother, Park

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CLAIBORNE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

This story is woven from many threads. We are talking about Dr. Walter Washington, long time President of Alcorn State University. But we may have never ever heard of him had it not been for some Mississippi Strong people supporting him.

As you are driving from Highway 61 to Alcorn State University, you are driving on Dr. Walter Washington Parkway. And his name is on the tallest building on campus.

He was an educator of profound influence. But had it not been for what happened at this little spot in downtown Hazlehurst, none of that may have ever happened. His brother, Park Washington, was an entrepreneur here. 

"Park Washington was actually the gentlemen behind most of us getting an education," said Hazlehurst Mayor Henry Banks. "He made the money from a shoeshine parlor, sent his brother to school. And his brother, in turn, influenced the rest of us.

One of those Dr. Washington influenced was his nephew, State Representative Greg Holloway, Sr. from District 76. And like his uncle Walter, Representative Holloway also got a boost from Park Washington.

He did that for Walter and he also did the same thing for me," said Representative Holloway. "He had a snow cone machine and I pushed it around town with his son and we sold snow cones. So he was a very industrious person and he played a great roll on his entire family, and certainly Walter. He showed them how to make money and how to manage money. And I think that carried over when he became the President of Alcorn State University."

Current Alcorn President, Dr. Alfred Rankins, Jr. agrees with that assessment.

"He set the foundation for financial stability here at the University for years to come," said Dr. Rankins. "So his footprint is all over this campus. He, in my opinion, was the greatest President we’ve had."

And think of the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of lives influenced during his tenure as an educator. And then thank his brother, Park for being Mississippi Strong and putting his little brother, Walter Washington through school and into a position where he could have that influence. 

There are no small parts in life.   

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