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CONSIDER THIS: The United States of America

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We have elections so people can choose who represents them in office. When there is more than one candidate, someone will win and someone will lose. That’s the way it works.

When there is a close contest, like the recent presidential election, and significant differences in the platforms, many people get upset when their candidate doesn’t win. However, that’s why we have elections, it works, and it’s one of the greatest rights we have as Americans.

You don’t have to like or agree with soon-to-be President Trump. In fact, many people felt the same way about President Obama and President Bush.

You can express your opinion and disagree with decisions or philosophy, but at the end of the day Donald Trump is OUR President; everyone’s President.

Consider This:

It seems more and more people expect to get their way, regardless. Forget the rules, forget respect. I want what I want…Now. And if you have a different opinion, you’re the devil.

I’m not sure if it is the instant gratification, always connected, on-demand world of today or the opinion of many that compromise is a terrible choice. Whatever it is, it is not healthy.

Politicians will come and go, but one thing will never change; America is by far the best country in the world. We should all be thankful for that and realize we can accomplish much more, working together as the United States of America. 

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