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Senator McDaniel: No state dollars for birth control and abortions

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Senator Chris McDaniel's Facebook post about the Women's March on Washington painted attendees as unhappy liberal women with tattoos and piercings.

After reading the post, many of those marchers certainly were unhappy.

"If they have the disposable income to afford those items, I'll say it again, why are you asking the people of Mississippi to pay for your abortions and your birth control?" said Senator McDaniel.

"So what about the women who couldn't afford to march and genuinely do not have the money to pay for those things? our reporter asked the Senator.

"It goes back to the private sector," replied Senator McDaniel. "Planned Parenthood has been extremely successful for whatever reason." 

Crowd scientists estimate about 470 thousand people attended the Women's March on Washington. 

Cassandra Welchland runs the Women's Economic Security work with the Mississippi Low Income Childcare Initiative.

"I find his statements very ignorant just to begin with, and I wonder what his mother and his wife and the women around him have to say about his sexism," said Welchland.

"The march wasn't just about free birth control, free women's health care or free abortions," our reporter pressed Senator McDaniel. "How would you address all of the other issues, like equal pay for women? 

"Well the issues I was speaking to was the issues of abortion and free birth control," the Senator responded. "And the reason I addressed those issues is just because I went to the organizer's website, and I found that was one of the specific declarations of unity they were pushing for."

Less than 24 hours after President Donald Trump was sworn into office, crowds turned out for women's marches all across the country. According to the movement's official website, their mission is to protect women's rights, safety, health, and families. 

On Sunday, the day after the march, Senator Chris McDaniel posted to his Facebook page calling out the "unhappy liberal women", asking "if they can afford all those piercings, tattoos, body paintings, signs, and plane tickets, then why do they want us to pay for their birth control?"

His post, which has been shared over 8.3K times and has received over 8.2K comments, spread quickly, finding it's way to thousands of people who have called him out as being a misogynist, disgusting and offensive among other things. 

Here's what some people are saying about it:

Cory Blair They weren't all liberals. Not at all, and that is beside the point. Millions of women feel discriminated against, are fearful that they are unheard, that their rights could be taken away. They are only asking for equality and understanding. How is that not a message for anyone to support or get behind? How can you be against anyone asking for fair treatment and the same rights as others? Shame on you. You are in the minority sir.

Jo Ann Crooks Hall I hope you've been hacked, Senator McDaniel. That's the only reason I can imagine an elected representative of the people and self-described man of God would speak so dismissively of the concerns voiced by many men and women of this country. Please tell me this is an unfortunate misunderstanding, that you are, indeed, very interested in the health, education, and welfare of Mississippians.

Andy Hamilton This is the type of post I'd expect from a drunk fraternity chump. Instead it's a sober (I'm assuming) elected official whose job it is to serve many of the very women you chose to stereotype and demean with an ignorant social media post. This isn't about being Republican or Democrat, and certainly not about paying for birth control, this is about taxpayer money in MS paying the salary of a misogynistic Senator.

Whitman Smith What a complete misogynist. Women marched all over the world for women's rights among many other things, and so did a lot of men. I guess all the conservative women are happy because they do what all the conservative men tell them, right? See how ridiculous that sounds? That is how ridiculous you sound. Never known anyone to be so out of touch. Shame on you for continuing to shame women.

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On Monday morning, Senator McDaniel posted again to his page in response, saying that "no amount of liberal hell raising will change my opinion. Indeed, as I awake this morning, I have never been more committed to the absolute defunding of Planned Parenthood and the immediate wholesale repeal of Obamacare."

Later that night, Senator McDaniel posted yet again in response to the backlash by saying, " I understand your position. You love free stuff. I get it. Unfortunately, in your quest for freebies, your so-called "revolution of love" has become little more than intolerant hatred for anyone who disagrees."

He also took the opportunity to push his position on abortion by claiming the "tragic irony of the #WomensMarch is that most were marching for the "right" to violently end the lives of their unborn, including the lives of little girls."

Senator McDaniel, a native of Laurel, represents District 42, which includes Forrest and Jones counties.

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