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Walt's Look Around: Karl Kaiser

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ROCKPORT, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Karl Kaiser has a successful business in Mississippi with clients all over the nation. But in order to get to that point, Karl had to discover a few things about himself.

The business Karl heads up is Professional Beverage. They’ve nicknamed the crew the Draft Pros and service the entire nation from an old convenience store building on Highway 27 south of Georgetown in Rock Port.

Creativity flows inside where custom beverage tap systems are designed, the type used in restaurants and bars to dispense everything from beer to ice tea and, as in this new installation at Georgia Blue bakery in Brookhaven, cold coffee.

Karl grew frustrated with school. He was put in special education because he has dyslexia. But later, there wasn’t a thing out in the work force he wouldn’t tackle.

A Natchez soft drink company started that.

“And they said they didn’t have a position there but could I work on a vending machine," explained Karl. "And I said how difficult can that be? Someone asked me could I work on a draft beer system. And I said, how hard can that be?”

Probably the boot over the goal line was when he was asked if he thought he could install a microbrewery at Rice University. And his response? “How hard could it be?”

From that confidence builder Karl went into business for himself and asked his wife, Angie to quit her job and join him.

“I really don’t know if I want to give up my security blanket," said Angie. "But because it’s not really a job to him, it’s more of a hobby and a passion. So that’s why it works.”

Karl is fortunate because he was challenged early on to try some things. And in spite of any labels that had been attached to him in his younger life, he discovered some things about himself. One is that dyslexia gives him a unique perspective on things and that can be an asset.

“You have a creative mind. You think a little different than a lot of people. And then I learned that I wasn’t slow. I was just different," said Karl. "The ups and downs are there and I think that’s the hardest part, is when it gets hard, not to quit. Because it’s easy to quit.”

Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it isn’t the right thing to be doing. Karl is living proof. And he has clients all over the country that will drink to that. 

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