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Mississippi Strong: Bayou Pierre Quilters

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CARLISLE, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Like a lot of small towns, there’s not a lot left of Carlisle anymore. Carlisle is between Utica and Port Gibson in Claiborne County.

The old store closed up long ago, but every Wednesday night it’s open again; not to sell anything, but so the Bayou Pierre Quilters can have a place to spread out and sew some more on their current project.

It’s something they’ve been doing for over a decade and a half.

“It’s getting to get together since we live so far out and so away from each other,” said Peggy Segrest.

The evening usually has a covered dish or a dessert involved somewhere, and a project, a quilt, usually just one at a time. They each take a piece of it home during the week and sew on that piece and then when they get together they attach what they’ve sewn as they visit and catch up.

But this week is a little different. This week they specifically wanted me, and in turn, you, to see one of their more ambitious quilts.

Peggy Segrest says this one took quite a while to turn out.

“This one up here that you are looking at has taken us about two and a half years to complete," said Peggy. "That’s the longest we’ve ever taken on a quilt.”

Even I, who am no quilting expert except for sleeping under one, can see the quality in this one, the rich detail, the perfect symmetry, the intricate stitching.

“I’ve seen quilts like this in shows," added Peggy. "That quilt could go from 5 to 10 thousand dollars.”

But you could get THIS one for five dollars because that’s what the Bayou Pierre Quilters are selling the tickets for in order for you to win it. And the money they raise goes to St. Jude Hospital.

Since they’ve been quietly quilting on their Wednesday nights in Carlisle, the quilters have raised well over ten thousand dollars for causes from Blair E. Batson Hospital to Breast Cancer to Haven House in Vicksburg. I’d think this one quilt could easily equal that.

“They can make the checks out to St. Jude because we’re not a formal organization,” said Peggy

Maybe not formal, but formidable, turning a once-a-week social into a fundraiser for so many worthy causes. And giving away two and a half years of hard work for another great cause is sort of thing that being Mississippi Strong is all about. They have a Facebook Page, Bayou Pierre Quilters, and an email at bpquilters@gmail.com

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