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KKK spray paint vandal caught on camera

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There are new developments in the investigation of vandalism with racial overtones that seem to be targeting a local community activist and radio host.

The letters KKK and a racial slur were painted on the van of a Jackson radio station. This follows a similar incident Thursday at the home of the founder of Respect Our Black Dollars.

"It is a black male that did spray paint the graffiti," said WMPR Manager Wanda Evers.

Around 9 p.m. Sunday, WMPR surveillance cameras captured video of the man who spray-painted the company van. The vandal is seen in a hoodie, baseball cap, and dark pants.

Video shows him walking up the sidewalk to the business. He is also shown tagging the vehicle with KKK and a racial slur. Management believes the man in the images is African American.

"We saw him walk up to the window I guess to make sure nobody was in the station," said Evers. "Normally somebody is here 24 hours. Just so happens the weekend and one of the jocks was out. After he did his surveillance and see, he came over, took the can out of his pocket and spray painted on the van".

Respect Our Black Dollars President Stanley Wesley hosts an hour long radio show at WMPR each Wednesday. Last Thursday his South Jackson home was also spray-painted with the letters KKK. An attached note also contained a racial slur.

The side of the house was also torched.

"I think it's something that's going on out in the community between him and maybe some other people," added Evers. "So they went to his house, I guess. to give him a message and then I guess found out that he has a show over here, and they came over here to also give him a message".

The FBI has obtained a copy of the surveillance video and is investigating.

WMPR does not plan to file charges but hopes he turns himself in or is caught by authorities.

Wesley plans to pursue Hate Crime charges no matter who is responsible and said he wants to know who's behind it.

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