Immigrants speak out following ICE raid - - Jackson, MS

Immigrants speak out following ICE raid

RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Following the arrest of two people during an immigration raid Wednesday afternoon, local immigrants are reacting to the news.  

The Hispanic grocery store off Old Canton Road in Ridgeland is owned and operated by Gabriela Harmon, an immigrant from Mexico. Harmon has served customers at La Guadalupe since 2014 and she said the majority of her customers are Hispanic.

After hearing news of the immigration raid in Jackson, she said it's heartbreaking.

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"We are seeing this happen a lot," Harmon explained. "A lot of the Hispanic people are scared about these types of situations and that it could happen to them. We are trying to get together and let the government know that we are not criminals. We are here to work, here to provide, help with anything, and pay our taxes. We will do the jobs people don't want to do."

Harmon said a peaceful movement is planned for Thursday. She along with many other people in the Hispanic community in the metro area are sharing flyers and are participating.

"What it means is, one day without the immigrants. So, we are not going to go to work and the businesses are going to be closed," Harmon said. "We are not going to purchase anything like gasoline, groceries, or go to restaurants. We are not going to help the economy at all that way they can see what it is like without having us helping the economy."

The hope is to gain support for immigration reform.

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