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Skunks causing a stink in Madison County

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Skunks are causing a stink across parts of Madison County. “It seems like I am seeing more this year than usual,” said Madison County resident Mitch Tyner.

Skunks are smelly creatures and on the move, leaving an unpleasant scent where ever they go. “It is very powerful,” said Tyner.

Tyner says he and his son spotted a skunk running across the road in Madison County.

“My wife loves Pepe Lepew and it looks just like that," said Tyner. "It looked just like a wig or something running across the street."

Tyner is not alone. Three-on-your-side has received several reports of skunk encounters in Madison County, so we went to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science to find what's up with so many skunk sightings.

“It's mating season," said Wildlife biologist Corey Wright. "So February and March, they are doing a lot of moving because it is time to find a mate.” 

Wright said the striped skunks have an excellent sense of smell and hearing and can survive in a wide range of environments.

“Generally, they are out in the wooded areas, but due to people moving to wooded areas, they are pushing them out.”

Wright said although the outdoor creatures won't generally bother you, they will defend themselves if they feel threatened.

“Should  you walk up to a skunk? Nope. Should you try to pet a skunk? Nope," said Wright. "It's going to try to protect itself and that is the way it protects itself, by shooting out the musk or urine and it's toxic. You're going to smell bad for a while.” 

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