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3 on the Road: Simpson County- Magee off the Highway

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MAGEE, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hundreds and thousands, or perhaps hundreds OF thousands of people have been to Magee. But actually, they have been THROUGH Magee on highway 49 and never ventured off the main road. So while we’re here, we thought we’d venture a block or two in and show you what you’ve missed.

It was almost 200 years ago that settlers came to this part of Mississippi. The Gulf and Ship Island Railroad at the turn of the 20th century helped make places along its line, like Magee, important.

And highway 49 locating approximately along the rail route has kept Magee a vital place for travelers to stop and top off the tank or grab a burger. Zips, by the way, having, as I’ve been told, the best burgers between Memphis and New Orleans. And Highway 49 goes through neither, but that’s how good their burgers are.

"You ask somebody, you tell them you’re from Magee they say they stop here all the time," said Magee Mayor Jimmy Clyde.

Clyde is glad for the notoriety for his town the highway running through it brings but says there’s more to it that fast food and stop lights.

Magee is strategically located, added the Mayor. "We’re 45 minutes from everywhere. Within a 50 mile radius, there's probably 800 thousand people."

Being centrally located about half way between Jackson and Hattiesburg a lot of people work in both of those places and then come home to here.

"We’re the 6th safest place in Mississippi according to the last information we had," said Mayor Clyde. "We’re a healthy hometown, we got that award last year at the municipal convention. But it’s the people that make this place special."

People who maintain the mid-century era downtown are the people who see to it that the nearly million dollars Magee is investing into its sportsplex are utilized wisely.

The people who have taken a chance on that nearly a million people living within shopping distance and have opened a business here are following their dreams. The people who insist on top-notch public schools for their children and who congregate the churches here.

Churches that are not only places of worship but service to the community. Katrina and tornados have proved that. First people there to help are the church people. What does that mean for the future of Magee off the highway?

"I think boom, boom, boom. I think continues to grow," said Mayor Clyde. "You’re going to see more house tops, more rooftops, and continued growth. I really do. We’ve got five hotels in a city with 5,000 people."

So. That’s a little insight and a few of the sights OFF the road in our three ON the road trip to Magee.

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