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3 on the Road: Simpson County-D'Lo Water Park

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D'LO, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Our home for the afternoon is the D’Lo Water Park. It is a picturesque spot on the Strong River. The Park is open year round and MOST everything here is free.

Most “free” are the beautiful views you get of Jaynes Falls in the Strong River at the south edge of the town of D’Lo. This is one of those rare spots where bedrock comes to the surface in Mississippi. Such bare rock places are so unusual here that even the ancient Choctaws revered the site as a sacred area.

To have a river flowing over bare bedrock almost requires it be preserved and set aside in a park setting, and not have to pay admission to get in and take a look makes it even better.

"You can come in and actually picnic and enjoy your family," said Park Director Patricia Smith.

Smith says canoes are for rent here, too. I remember we came here as a News Room bonding exorcize years ago and paired off into two-person teams and put our canoes in here at the water park and spent the morning problem solving and got out a few miles downstream at Merit.

Course, the Strong River didn’t live up to its image of being a strong river that weekend and our canoe trip turned out to be partly a hike as we had walk in places because of low water. But even that was fun. The Strong River is a big attraction here at the park.

"They swim down there. They fish down there," added Smith.

If you are a movie fan, you might recognize the rock ledge at the park from the movie ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou?’ This is where Pete and Delmar and Everett were charmed and drugged by the beautiful sirens and where Pete was turned into a toad, but he really wasn’t.

It’s complicated. You’ll have to see the movie.

But other than that excitement, D’Lo Water Park is a pretty peaceful place that drifts in and out from one season to the next with the river rising and falling and singing its song, sometimes accompanied by picnickers like these taking advantage of the early spring we are having this winter.

Come on the 4th of July and there will be fireworks, come in December and the park is decorated for Christmas, come anytime you want to get away from who you are and where you are for a few minutes. Bring your camper and rent a pad and stay for the weekend, or rent a canoe and enjoy a hike to Merit.

The D’Lo Water Park has a web page where you can see pictures of the park and the cabin that’s for rent here, too.

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