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3 on the Road: Simpson County - How D'Lo got its name

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D'LO, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

D’Lo is an unusual name for a town. I asked a few people how it got it, and they were all reluctant to talk about it.

"There are several different versions," said one resident.

"What’s your favorite?" asked Walt.

"I can’t," said the resident.

"You don’t want me to say what I heard. (laughs)," said another resident.

"Well, better not say it on camera. (laughs)," said a Simpson County Deputy.

The story that can’t be told on the air goes kind of like this:  When they were locating the Finkbine Lumber Company here, the engineers picked a spot down here on the strong river to build the plant. The president of the factory came down and took one look at it and he told them, “Well THAT place is just too (squawk) LOW!” Shortened later to D’Lo so it could be said in polite company.

And that is a delightful story and he may actually have said that. But that’s not how D’Lo got its name.

Now, a couple of words about the Strong River. That name has nothing to so with the strength of the stream and everything to do with its taste.

The English name “Strong” for the river is a translation of the Choctaw name for it, which roughly means, strong TASTING. The river is full of tannic acid from all of the leaves that fall into it and decompose.

Now, that’s how the river got ITS name. And the town D’lo comes from the same source, the Strong River. Only from the French, not the Choctaws.

On an early French map of the area, the river is called the de'l'eau sans potable something, something in French that I will not embarrass myself nor my home state by further attempting to pronounce. But translated it means, “You can’t drink this stuff.” More accurately, “bitter river.” So that de’l’eau something, something got short handed to a more pronounceable “D’lo.”

And the town officially got the name when they located a post office here and the postal service rejected their first choice of a name, “Millhaven” in honor of all of the water mills located here. So they submitted D’Lo.  Which the Post Office accepted. And ever since then, when people first hear the name of the town out loud they say, “D’lo. What a funny (squawk) name.”

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