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3 on the Road: Simpson County-D'Lo Veterans

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D'LO, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The sign going into D’Lo says “Maybe not the biggest but the best.” Well, there is one record D’Lo holds and has for more than 75 years. The MOST.

The monument beside the D’lo Community Center explains what D’lo is known for having the most of. The most of its population per capita going into service in World War Two, than any community in the nation.

D’Lo’s population back then was a shade over 400. More than 100 of those people, mostly men, went off to war; over a quarter of the population. Some of them never came back. Life Magazine gave the town the designation. And it’s never been disputed.

A singular event happened this week in D’lo; the last living World War Two veteran from the town where the most went, died.

Joe Parker was buried Monday. He was the end of an era. Veterans Day and Memorial day are second only to Christmas in D’lo. I got the chance to talk to Mr. Parker a few years ago at one of those celebrations and asked him what the atmosphere was like in D'Lo then.

"Evidently everybody must have been ready to go?" said Parker. "Yes sir. Everybody was ready to go. Yes sir. I mean everybody was patriotic here. I was called in 42. I volunteered in 41. Right after Pearl Harbor. But it was the next year before I actually went in. You know the ones that didn’t go in the service went to Pascagoula and worked in the ship yards and had the city experiences and it really changed things."

"Well what does this veterans Day in the Fall and Memorial Day in the spring, what does that mean to you? asked Walt.

"Well, I’m just glad to see that everybody remembers us," said Parker. "And actually, I get a lot more attention now than I did when I came back."

It is a quiet ending to an era, the passing of Joe Parker in D’Lo. The sign on the edge of town may be argued with. Someone may say their village is better. But no matter. D’lo will ALWAYS have the most. The most of its young people going off to war to preserve what is back home than any other town in America.

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