CONSIDER THIS: 3 On The Road - - Jackson, MS


Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

This week we spent several days reporting from Simpson County as part of our new initiative, 3 On The Road.

There are many days when it can seem like bad news is the only news. We know that’s not true, but the difficult stories can overpower the good stuff.

We’ve gotten lots of feedback from you that you appreciate the 3 On The Road reports and the positive feel of those stories. We’re glad to hear that because we plan to travel across the state for more 3 On The Road segments every few months.

Consider This

Every county in Mississippi has unique qualities, interesting characters and compelling stories. We’re proud to be Mississippi’s flagship television and digital news operation and we look forward to sharing those stories with you.

In fact, as we wrap up our first 3 On The Road from Simpson County, we’re already preparing for our next road trip. Get ready Pike County, we’re heading your way in May.

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