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Jackson water stakeholders meet

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Major water outages are expected in the city of Jackson next month. A 48-inch water line will have to be turned off to make repairs.

All those who could be impacted are looking at ways to minimize the impact on customers.

State, county, and city leaders had a sit down discussing Jackson's looming water outage at MEMA Thursday. The county asking the state for help in limiting the impact on residents. Just providing bottled water to the 40 thousand residents expected to be impacted, comes with a cost of 91 thousand dollars.

"So we're a coordinating agency," said MEMA Director Lee Smithson. "We'll bring all the other state agencies if the Governor declares a state of emergency to provide the resources both, equipment and water if need be, to the city of Jackson."

"Some of it is mapping out the area," said Hinds County EOC Director Ricky Moore. "Helping with GIS mapping of the area, get a true area of what might be affected also maybe some bottled water down the road if we see were going to need it, and long term planning on some of the alert notifications notices."

March 11 is the tentative water cut off date, which was selected to limit the impact on more than 15 public schools who will be going on Spring Break that week.  A map outlining impacted residents is only preliminary.  It shows a northern border of Lynch street, but outages could go as far north as Northside drive.

"If you experienced any difficulties or low water pressure in the last event, you're likely to experience those same at this time," said Jackson Deputy Fire Chief Brandon Falcon. "So with it being a fluid situation, the water shifts around, you may have it at this time and not at others, then come back to get water. It's a very dynamic situation we can't pinpoint."

Fire protection is a major concern with the outage. City and county officials say they're received help from several area businesses who said they can provide water tankers stationed around the city, should fire crews need it to battle large structure fire.

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