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3 on the Road: Mikah Meyer's world record quest

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VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mikah Meyer has set out on a quest to visit all of the National Parks and National Monuments. And when he finishes, he will hold the world's record for the youngest person ever to have done so.

And he has a special reason for making this journey at this stage in his life.

“Basically, so when I was 19 my dad passed away from cancer. He was young. It just really changed my worldview as far as thinking we have forever to do our dreams," said Mikah. "And so I made it a goal that when I turned 30 I would follow one of my dreams of visiting all of the NPS sites. So that way if I pass away young I can feel like I got some of that life that we think we’re promised.”

This has been quite an adventure for Mikah already and he’s only a little over a quarter of the way through his quest, Vicksburg being the 123rd place he’s visited so far, out of 417 on the list. He figures it will take three years to see them all. And his home for the endurance is a van he outfitted for the road.

Other people have done this same journey. But he’ll set a world's record as being the youngest when he finishes.

Mikah adds, “I’ll also be the only person ever to do it in one continuous trip. So even if some young buck comes along I’ll still be okay. Every state and territory have one National Park Service Site. So everything from Puerto Rico to Guam, Alaska, to Maine, Florida and Washington State.”

When the Park Service heard Mikah was going to take this odyssey, they saw it as a way to reach out to some folks not particularly taking advantage of our National Parks, as he shares his journey with his contemporaries through his web page and other social media.

“When I started this trip the Park Service reached out to me and they said, ‘Hey. We see you’re doing this. We actually have a really hard time getting millennials to go to the parks. So the more you can share your story that’s great for us. At the same time, they said we also have a really hard time getting the LGBT community to come to the parks. So the more you can share your story as an openly gay man, we will really appreciate that,” added Micah.

But this trip is not a crusade for Mikah. It’s in honor of his dad’s life; cut short. So Mikah wants to live it while he can. And if there’s really any message behind his quest, it’s that he advises we all do the same thing while there is still time, live out our dreams, no matter our age.

Mikah has a web page so you can keep up with him. And since he’s not independently wealthy, there’s also a place we can click to make a donation to help him reach his goal. 

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