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3 on the Road: Early Spring

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CENTRAL MISSISSIPPI (Mississippi News Now) -

The temperatures have been cycling up and down for several weeks, now; mostly up. So much so that when we have a chilly morning like Friday, the spillway at the Rez steams like the lake is full of hot water.

And the water is warmer than normal because the weather has been warmer than normal this winter. And the plants have responded. Late February bloomers like Japanese magnolia were a month early this year. 

That’s about the same time the daffodils started popping out. They vary widely from year to year, anyway. But we're so early this year that they were nearly bloomed out by the time they normally pop out.

Late February and early March is usually the time of year I am thoroughly fed up with winter. The bare trees and dead yards are depressing. But I never had a chance to get my winter blues this year.

After we got past that one sleety weekend in January things started surprising us. A month after Christmas the yard started taking on color.

Now the Canada Geese are loving snacking on the early wildflowers. The redbuds have budded, the azaleas have started filling out, the usual late March or early April blooming wisteria is blooming, and the dogwood, ALWAYS in bloom by Easter here in the south, was blooming before Ash Wednesday this year.

All of it accompanied by the songs of mockingbirds who also seem as glad as I am to see the early spring.

So, is this a sign of global warming? Not necessarily. Our meteorologists have tallied up the records and found there have been at least three winters warmer than this one. The latest one having happened over 60 years ago.

Besides, we still have plenty of time for an ice storm this year. Hope we don’t. I’d like to remember this winter as a pleasant break from the norm, unblemished by any more chilly unpleasantness.

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