CONSIDER THIS: Neglected infrastructure - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: Neglected infrastructure

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Have you ever missed a week or two mowing your yard? It sure is a lot harder to cut the grass in that situation than it is to cut it every week. That also applies to other maintenance projects.

In fact, the city of Jackson is a very real world, current example of what happens when infrastructure is neglected for years and years.

The Mississippi Economic Council is challenging the state legislature to find funding to address road repairs. A study released by MEC in December 2015 shows there are thousands of miles of hazardous roads throughout Mississippi, at the state and local level.

Poor roadway conditions affect jobs, public safety, economic development and operating costs.

Consider This:

Three of the most important items expected from government include public safety, education and safe roads and bridges. It is time for state legislators to address the inadequate funding to fix our infrastructure issues.

If they don’t, Mississippi is going to find itself in the same situation as Jackson with crumbling roads and bridges that will take much more money to repair or replace after extensive years of neglect.

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