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3 on the Road: Jackie Thompson

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FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Today's story is about an old friend; not only an old friend, but a guy who likes the old music.

And that is what he has been known for, for quite a long time, playing the old music; 50’s music in particular. Not a musician playing it himself. But playing it for the rest of us on the air.

Some of you will remember his face from the weekend television show. It’s Jackie Thompson and his Hour of the 50’s.

The voice is a little softer now, but he’s still rockin’ and rollin’ every Saturday night on ez-fm 87.7 in Jackson.

Jackie Thompson fell in love with 50’s music when he was a teenager back in the 50s. One of his first endeavors was a record shop. He went into real estate with friend Johnny Jolly as a career. But for kicks they had a TV show, the Hour of the 50’s for years.

Radio and TV together, Jackie Thompson has been playing the tunes of his youth on the air somewhere almost continuously since about 1970. I wondered if he ever got tired of it.

"I love the music," said Jackie. "It’s got memories that are beautiful that you get a chance to play; like Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Fats Domino. But I never get tired of it.

He has a crew along with him every Saturday night including Gearshift Gary running the controls. They talk on the phone and take requests and make dedications.

"And thank you. And we’re going to have a real boogie time tonight. We’re going to rock on down the line, man," said Jackie.

But during the songs Jackie really gets into the music, just like it was the first time he ever heard the song, tacking on all of the years of memories associated with it.

"I’ve had a great life," added Jackie. "Beautiful time in my life time.

And he has a birthday coming up Saturday and, of course, he’ll be back on the air Saturday night at 5, even on his birthday. Age has slowed Jackie Thompson down a bit, like it does all of us. But his aging seems appropriate for him.

"How does it affect you? I said a whole lot of shakin’ going on," said Jackie.

I’ve known Jackie Thompson for years and he is a delightful person. His show, the hour of the 50’s is on 97.7FM Saturday nights at 5.

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