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Mississippi Department of Transportation gets most of state funding from gas tax

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Mississippi Department of Transportation released a video explaining where their revenue comes from, and what's it's used for.

MDOT says they get about half of their funding from the federal government, and about half from the state.

"The majority of these funds are used for interstate paving, pavement rehabilitation, and bridge replacement on high-traffic routes, and pass-throughs to local governments for local projects," a explains a narrator in MDOT's video.

MDOT's budget last year $1.06 billion.

They say 93 percent of that went to state and local road and bridge systems, but people who drive through Jackson say the roads need more work than they're getting.

These are the words Rick Virden, who frequently drives through Jackson, used to describe the city's roads: "Embarrassment. Disgusting. Dangerous to your car."

"Obviously they need more funding," said Heather Cole, who lives in Jackson.

MDOT says their largest source of state revenue comes from the state fuel tax.

"I would pay a little bit more on my gas, because we have some of the lowest gas prices, I think, in the region," said Cole.

There is already a push to raise the gas tax to help with infrastructure.

"Seven states have already passed legislation that will increase their gas tax and every one of them has a tax already higher than Mississippi's," said Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall.

Other people are skeptical of that proposition.

"Once you open the can of worms, you're not going to stop at one cent. You're gonna go to two cents the next year," said Virden.

Senate Bill 2939 addresses funding for local roads and bridges.

A conference committee will make the call on that legislation.

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