Clinton Police chase suspect crashes in yard of Jackson home - - Jackson, MS

Clinton Police chase suspect crashes in yard of Jackson home

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Another Clinton police chase into the City of Jackson has residents up in arms.

Sunday afternoon, witnesses said Clinton officers followed a suspect throughout the Presidential Hills subdivision at high speeds. 

Now, a homeowner and City Councilman, who saw the chase, wants answers.        

Many living in Presidential Hills said Clinton Police were chasing a suspect's vehicle when the officer's cruiser rammed it and the driver lost control. The car reportedly ran across several yards in the subdivision fleeing police.

It ran across a lawn at the intersection of James Madison Road and Abraham Lincoln Drive before it finally stopped in a yard in the 6600 block of Abraham Lincoln.

The homeowner was just a few feet away looking out the window.

"I just knew he was about to run smack dab into my house," said Stephanie Jones.

The six year resident is glad no one was hurt when the chase ended in her front yard.

She began looking outside when she heard the sirens in the distance.

"I don't know why he ran from the police and he should not have done that and that's understood," added Jones. "But to come and endanger so many other lives flying through this neighborhood like that."

The Jackson homeowner said a 16-year-old was behind the wheel as Clinton police chased and rammed the back of the white Nissan Maxima, sending it careening into her direction.

Residents along Abraham Lincoln Drive say the Clinton Police cruiser was traveling at high speeds throughout the neighborhood filled with playing children. 

"I asked one of the officers why, what's happened?" said Jones. "He said they were chasing this guy, and I'm like 'Why are you chasing him?' He didn't have a tag on his car," said Jones.

Ward Two Councilman Melvin Priester Jr. was walking in the neighborhood and looked on as the cars zoomed past him.

He saw the white Nissan enter yards and plow down mailboxes.

"I just happened to be there right at the end of this," said Priester.

He first observed the Maxima and Clinton Police on John F. Kennedy Drive.

The councilman has reached out to Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman for answers.

"Sometimes what protecting and serving means is de-escalating the situation," explained Priester. "Some high speed chases are reasonable. Some high speed chases are not."

The councilman said the suspect should have stopped for police, but he does not agree that a chase take place in a highly populated neighborhood.

Residents said Clinton Police followed the teenager from Flag Chapel Road into Presidential Hills.

Priester said children were riding bicycles, walking in the street and others were working in their yards when the Maxima and Clinton Police cruiser sped down several streets.

Almost exactly one year ago, 24-year-old Lonnie Blue was killed in a head on collision with a car being chased by Clinton Police at the intersection of Capitol Street and Tennessee Avenue in Jackson.

Blue was on his way home from work at Nissan when the chased vehicle hit his car.

We reached out to the City of Clinton to find out why they were following the car, if the pursuit started because the car had no tag and any other information about the driver and the chase. 

"This matter is still under investigation. Until such time as the city completes its investigation, we will not be releasing a statement," said Clinton Police spokesman Mark Jones.

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