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Mississippi Strong: Farm in the Box

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Dennis Warren is developing a big idea on a small plot of land between Jackson and Clinton. And if successful, his project could be revolutionary.

It doesn’t look like much right now; a couple of shipping containers, some wooden racks, a pile of lumber, some power tools.

But what Dennis Warren hopes to do with all of this when it’s completed is no less than conquer hunger in Mississippi, or, for that matter, the world. And he’d like for it to begin right here in Mississippi and let it be known that a Mississippian came up with this idea.

Why can’t we be number one in Mississippi once in our life? asked Dennis. Why can’t we take this concept and have the other states coming to us asking us how did we conquer hunger?”

Here's how it works: Several shipping containers would be stacked in such a configuration that hydroponic growing bins situated inside them will work in tandem with each other to spread nutrients from top to bottom and then back again. Dennis got the idea from something much smaller.

“I first saw a, what they call crop box or freight farm," added Dennis. "This is a single source where you’d grow either lettuce or bell pepper or strawberries; a single use.”

From this single use crop box, Dennis devised a plan to grow a bunch of stuff under one roof. He calls is a Farm in the Box. The way this will conquer hunger is it will be so efficient, and so inexpensive to grow food, and food that is good for you.

“This is something or another that will feed about 20 thousand people,” said Dennis.

Eight or ten of these scattered around could feed the entire metro area. And in the end Dennis isn’t looking to get rich off this venture, but to enrich a city and a state that is starved nutritionally, no matter how much we are eating.

“This is all about giving back,” said Dennis.

Food for thought right now, food for us later. Can all of this really work?

Well, look around you at every invention you see, including the invention you are watching right now. ALL of it started as an idea,

Well, Dennis Warren’s idea of the Farm in the Box may just work. And we will probably find out within a few months, because he is living Mississippi Strong enough to bring his idea into reality, and for no less a purpose that to help mankind.

Dennis Warren invites us all to watch the progress of his idea on Zepher Road off of Highway 80 between Jackson and Clinton.

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