MS STRONG: Troy and Farrah Newman in Kenya - - Jackson, MS

MS STRONG: Troy and Farrah Newman in Kenya

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BOMET, KENYA (Mississippi News Now) -

Troy and Farrah Newman are medical missionaries from Mississippi who have committed to working at a mission hospital in Kenya for two years. It takes a lot to give up the life you want because you know somebody you don’t even know needs your help.

The decisions it takes, the discussions within the family and the examination of your faith and belief in God that goes into making a choice to leave good ole’ Mis’sippi and spend two years on the mission field would take a lot longer than we have for this story to sift through.

But in Face Timing with Troy and Farrah Newman from my house here in Mississippi to their house Kenya, the “let's do this” moment seems to have come over “a house.”

Troy Newman says, “(We were) kind of at a crossroads where we were at a point where we could either buy a new house that we were planning to do, or we could go in a different direction. And we just felt a call to go kind of in the opposite direction.”

Opposite direction through nine time zones ahead of us to the new Eye and Dental Clinic at Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya. You would imagine things are completely different there than back home in Jackson where they moved from last summer.

 “No Walmarts. But our closest grocery store is four hours away in Nairobi," said Farrah Newman. "We have access to local things like fruits, veggies, milk and eggs. Our milk comes straight from the cow each morning and our eggs come from a local orphanage.”

Troy adds, “There’s an obvious need," added Troy. "There’s no shortage of people who are in need of our medical care. But also just the spiritual healing that is offered here.”

And here’s the kicker. The Newman’s get no pay from the hospital for being there. Matter of fact, they pay their own way. Food, rent, utilities.

“We rely on the support of donors who would be willing to contribute one time or monthly supporters to our World Gospel Mission Account.”

So, there are many Kenyans who now have had their sight restored because of a Mississippi Strong family who felt lead to take their skills where they were needed. And they can STAY there because of more Mississippi Strong people here at home who support them.

To contact Troy and Farrah, go to the wgm website and click on their names.

Their blogspot is here

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