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CONSIDER THIS: Capitol Complex

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It has been discussed for a long time and gained more traction over the past few years, but it always fell short; not this year. The state legislature has approved a bill to create a Capitol Complex District that will direct tax dollars to the city of Jackson for improvement projects around state-owned properties. The new initiative will take effect in July.

Hundreds of thousands of people work and visit the Capitol area and it is often times the first impression for people visiting our state. The Capitol Complex legislation is a significant initiative and the people who did the heavy lifting to make it happen deserve a huge pat on the back.

Consider This:

As the state celebrates its bicentennial, two new museums, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Museum of Mississippi History, open in December. These museums are impressive and will dramatically increase downtown traffic with out-of-state visitors, school groups and other tours enjoying these Smithsonian style facilities.

It would be wise to allocate the initial Capitol Complex funds towards improving the Pearl Street city entrance and other infrastructure around the museums. The streets are in terrible condition and there is no other project more important and more impactful than improving the area around these state-of-the-art, historical buildings.

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