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3 on the Road: Luther Steverson's Wooden Chains

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Luther Steverson is a woodworker. He makes birdhouses and things like that. But at the suggestion of his wife, he sort of started specializing on one particular item that, to me, is unusual for a woodworker.

"I have been carving all of my life and I knew I could do it. No question," said Luther.

When Luther Steverson of Pearl says he’s been carving all of his life he means it.

"My dad bought me a pocketknife at about six-years-old and he told me, said always cut FROM you," said Luther.

Luther turned 90 here a while back. And after decades of whittling and what not, about 20 years ago Luther found his carving calling. He and his wife were visiting their pastor’s home when his wife showed him something hanging on the wall; a chain carved from a single length of wood.

And as any man who’s wife says to him “let me show you something” knows, she didn’t want to show you something so much as she WANTS one of them.

"I told her, I said, Well one of these days I’m going to make you a wooden chain," said Luther

Well, when you see something like a carved chain with interlocking links you know it CAN be done, and you have to admire the person who first came up with the idea. And then you start the processes of how YOU are going to do it.

"And I, thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it," said Luther.

And you’ve heard of sleeping on something? That process works because:

"And one night the Good Lord give me the measurements," added Luther.

Luther calls them his Christian chains. Each length is three inches long, representing the trinity. There are 66 links, representing the number of books in the Bible. And then when he finished, come to find out it measured exactly 12 feet, representing the 12 tribes of Israel and the number of the disciples.

"And all of that came to me at night," said Luther.

Life is more interesting when you have a dream or a goal. And is especially interesting when it comes in the form of a REAL dream that you can make come true.

It takes about a month to carve a chain. Luther has made nearly 300 of them and has never sold a one. He gives them all away. 

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